Blogs I Love


As a blogger and avid reader, I am a true lover of blogs!!! There is so much great content to be explored, you can brush up on the newest trends or find a whole community of people just like you! Whether you have a niche or looking for something, there is something for everyone! Today, I'm listing my favorite blogs to read and why they are so amazing. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of wine and dig in!

1. Emily Ley | Emily's Simplified Planner was the first designer planner that I came across and while the planner doesn't fit my lifestyle, her blog post definitely do! It is fun and talks about various planning ideas and topics. BONUS: She has tons of FREE planning freebies that you can download! Talk about amazing!

2. Lauren Conrad | If you don't know who Lauren Conrad "LC" is then you are probably too young to be reading this blog. Back in the early 00's, Lauren made her debut as a high school reality TV star in the hills of Laguna Beach. We watched as she grew into a successful adult in the big city. Now she is the founder of, a blog for women about all things "chic and lovely". The LC Team covers a wide variety of topics from crafting to community service. I love exploring the different content areas. 

3. Hannah Brencher | I first encountered Hannah Brencher through her Instagram account, If You Find This Email, from there I subscribed to her email list and bought her book "If You Find this Love Letter". Hannah promotes love and using words to love on strangers and the people who need it most.  My favorite part about Hannah Brencher is that she isn't afraid to speak on her faith in God and it drives the message that she sends weekly. 

4. The Everygirl | The Everygirl is a collection of stories and blog post that relate to the working millennial woman! I love this site because its so relevant to the situations happening in my life today. I think that any 20-something woman can gain significant value from reading the material coming from these #bossladies.

5. Jocee Howard | Okay. So I totally fan girl over her blog posts! She is so relatablely quirky and real, she writes the very thoughts that I have thought at one time or another. Funny thing is, we have quite a few mutual friends but have never met. Meeting her is definitely a 2017 goal!

Blogging is such a great way to connect with so many different people from around the world and I am so thankful to be a part of this community! Be sure to check out these blogs and tell me some of your favorites in the comments below or on Twitter @anajanetheblog