4 Ways to Prepare for a Hurricane

As a native Floridian, there are certain things that you are accustomed to that the rest of the country may not understand…. alligators, weird news stories, five minute rainstorms, and HURRICANES! I experienced a few as a kid and was always excited for the days off from school (maybe even a week if the power went out). But as an adult, it is probably one of the scariest things I've been through. I wasn't really sure how to prepare in advance and my parents were extremely non-chalet about the whole thing. So for my millennial and new Southeast residents, here is a quick guide to preparing for a hurricane.

Stay Ready |The weather channel has just reported that your city is in the "cone of concern", state of emergency issued! You panic and run to the store only to find everyone else panicking and buying everything. It's like Black Friday for supplies. The best way to prevent this scene is to stay prepared. You can buy canned food and water bulk and keep a stash of batteries. Click here for a free hurricane checklist to get you through the storm.

Check the Forecast | Its super important to check the newest updates from the local officials and the governor. They will tell you if schools/government businesses/stores are opened or closed pending the storm. But at times it can be overwhelming to watch that projection cross over the state. As someone who suffers from anxiety during storms, keep the updates to a minimum (only the newest from officials). Trust me Facebook is not a good news source in a time of crisis, if you only have Facebook then pay attention to the source of information. The best account to watch is the local news stations and government.

Safety First! | Above all else, safety is first and cool as it may be to Snapchat outside (it's not worth it). Be aware that even after the storm has passed, there are still many dangers to be apart of such as boards with nails and down power lines. The best advice I can give is be alert and use your common sense/better judgement.

Party | Okay, this may be a crazy tip but what I really mean is make the best of the situation. This is uninterrupted time with family and friends which we dont have much time for so use this time to bond and have a good time while nature takes its course.

I do hope that these tips will be helpful during this hurricane season that you will use repeatedly. If you have any additional tips, be sure to comment them below and grab your checklist from the link above! As always find me on Twitter @anajanetheblog!