Goal Setting

Last week, we talked about clearing out space for the new year. Making sure that the space that you work, play, and sleep is conducive to the life that you want to live! Now lets dive head first into our goals for 2017! 

Write It Out | First things first, writing out your goals is the first step to achieving them! Writing it out makes it real, it turns a dream into reality. Even if you don't know all the steps to achieving the goal, still write

Vision Board | The fact that a vision board is on this list is testament to how much can change within a year. I never really believed in making a vision board. I remember making them in school and we just cut out pretty pictures from a magazine and called it inspiration. It wasn't until recently that a friend spoke highly of them that I gave it a try.

Mantra/Quotes | True Story....quotes and positive affirmations are one of the few things that got me through the hardest time of my life. I dedicated an entire Pinterest board to quotes that inspired me as well as Bible scriptures. I would make a point to look at the board every time I felt less than. Place your favorite quotes where you can easily access them. Put them on your vision board, on your desk, your bathroom mirror. Whatever it takes for you to have motivation any time of the day.

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Accountability Partner | You and your partner don't have to be on the same page, goal wise, but you should be able to support one another no matter how different your goals are. Goal setting is all about reaching for the stars when you are still on the ground and that can be very challenging. A friend is needed to celebrate your success and comfort you in failure. The best part of having an accountability partner is not being alone.

Our goals are set and we are ready to make 2017 a year for the books! Tell me, what are some of your goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @anajanetheblog. Next week, we are discuss how to find the perfect planner for you to achieve your goals and get your life together!