How to Find the Perfect Planner for You

Finding the perfect planner is like searching for a new car or house. It has to fit your style and needs, after all its something that you will have for a whole year and probably carry around daily. Your planner should really be something that encompasses the lifestyle that you live. You wouldn't by a mini van when you are a single twenty something with no kids, right?!? Here we will discuss a few keys points to look for in a planner. I hope that its helpful in your journey to finding the perfect planner for you.

Brand | The world is flooded with so many amazing planner brands that I couldn't possibly name them all here. However, I will list a few that I have personally used and/or researched. I think the best way to find the brand that's best for you is to look at others using the same planner and how they utlize it. Instagram is a great place to explore.

  • The Happy Planner
  • Lilly Pultizer
  • Emily Ley
  • Erin Condren
  • C. Jayne (teachers!)
  • May Designs
  • Sugar Paper (Target)
  • The Day Designer

Views | For me its all about the views! The inside view of the planner. I like being able to see my month at a glance but take each week at a time. Every planner has different views and its really up to you to decide what works best! Some planners like The Day Designer has a daily view so you have a fresh start each day which is so awesome!

Yearly v. Academic | When I was in college, the academic planner was perfect for planning out my semesters but as an adult my year is no longer broken into semesters (except at work) so the academic no longer works for me. Planners are usually broken into three types by date: Academic (August - June), 12 month (January-December), and 18 month (July- December, of the following year). 

Size Matters | Always. Ha. But seriously, you may carry a small purse or you may have a giant tote. You want to make sure that your planner is the right size for you to carry with you. Sizes range from pocket to jumbo so go with the one that feels the most comfortable and natural. A planner at home is no good to a girl on the go.

Have you found the perfect planner for you? Tell me what you think is important to have in a planner, comment below or tell me on Twitter @anajanetheblog!

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