Prepping Your Planner for 2017

If I've said this before then I will say it again. I love planning! There is something about color coding your planner with dates/times/events and adorable stickers that makes my heart happy. With that being said, I believe there is an art to preparing your planner for the upcoming year as well as each new month and week.

Pre-Planning | Planning ahead is always good for the planners that like to decorate their weeks with washi tape and decorative pens. I will usually write upcoming events on a small sticky note so that when its time to decorate, I can just write in the event/appointment. It saves you the sadness of having to decorate over already written words and the mistake of using the wrong color. 

Decorate | This step is totally optional but so fun if you do! You can use washi tape, decorative markers and pens (que 90's girl fangirling over gel pens!) Since I have a very customizable planner, I theme each week with washi tape and color coordinate my stickers to match. 

Goal Setting | We talked about goal setting at the beginning of the month and this is really where it comes in handy. Adding your goals to your planners makes them more visible which will aide in your success later on. You can even break down your yearly goals into monthly and weekly nuggets.

Appointments | Based on my commitments, I color code everything so that at a glimpse I can see which commitment has the most going on. But really you can choose the best option for you. Some stay away from color coding so that they can jot down plans without worrying about using the wrong color. 

My breakdown usually looks something like this:

  • Church - Green
  • OBM - Purple
  • Personal - Pink
  • Work - Blue
  • Everything Else/Random - Black

Bonus: You can even go a step further and match the colors in your planner to the colors in your iCloud/Google Calendar.

Secrets | While this is unconventional and a little unsafe, some may find this helpful. Usually every planner comes with a note section that you can use to write your username and passwords for different accounts. Doing this is helpful for me because I have a million and one accounts that I can't keep up with. However, I would not recommend adding things like your social security number or bank information. 

Now that you have read through tips to orgnizing your planner, what are some fun things that you like to do to keep you organized! Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @anajanetheblog!