Winter Cleaning

Cleaning...a dreaded task but a necessary one indeed. Especially in the New Year, there is something about have a clean space within the first few weeks of the year to really put you in a good space. When your physical space clear so is your mental space (i.e more room for creative fun ideas!)

Closet | Its funny how closets seem like the perfect space for everything that doesn't have a place in the rest of the house and ironically enough clothes usually find their place across a chair or another random object. And we won't even begin the discussion of where shoes live *cough* my backseat. The best way to combat the craziness is to start slow. Create two baskets: one for donation and one for trash. Once you weed out those clothes then you only have to focus on the ones that you are keeping. I find that re-hanging clothes really helps because everything will be neatly put away and nothing should be falling down.

Desk | This is probably the biggest thing on this list because of its significance! A clean desk means a clear working space and that's always a good thing. Take away all of the unneccasary on your desk and leave the things that you use the most. I find that leaving my phone in another part of my room helps me focus more than having it by my side. 

Laundry | Laundry sucks! There...I said it! But once its done then its done...well until you put on more clothes. It is so easy to get behind in doing laundry but having a scheduled day can be really helpful. My laundry is done on the weekends (Fri-Sun.) so that every Monday morning, I start off with my full wardobe to choose from. 

Drawers and Hidden Spaces | Drawers are another one of those places that gets everything thrown into them. Mine are stuffed with old t-shirts from college so I am committed to collecting them and creating a t-shirt quilt!!!

After really cleaning out your space the best advice that I can give is to make sure that everything has a place. If you have to place an item with uncommon things then you probably don't need it. 

The New Year has started, have you cleaned your space? Or do you have a different New Year's ritual? Tell me in the comments below or on Twitter @anajanetheblog