Learning to Adult at Work

Your performance at your job now is the interview to your next job or promotion. You always want to make the best impression no matter who is watching. When I was a work study in college, I worked in the Dean's office as an assistant. When I was free, I would go to the different departments and ask if they needed any help. Years later, after I had graduated with my bachelor’s degree one of the department heads called and offered me a job. So you never know who is watching and who will remember you. I've listed a few tips do's and don't to surely get you the recognition you want and deserve.

Be Respectful | A little respect goes a long way.

Say YES! | If you are like me, you don’t like routines and doing the same things over and over again. Because of this I found it hard to really love my job at first. But then opportunities would come along and I would ask to join in and guess what??!! My boss said YES!!! The leadership team knew that I was dependable and ready for anything so when things would come up, they trusted me and knew that I had the exposure to get the job done.

Stay Away from Drama | No matter the job or profession, there is always drama somewhere in the workplace. It is your duty to stay far away from it. It happens in the secret hallway conversations or break room discussions. Not to say that you should never talk to your co-workers but be smart about who your tribe is. When I first started my job, I would always come home with the latest gossip and my sister finally pointed it out to me. I realized that I was surrounding myself with the wrong people so I changed my work friends and because of it I come home inspired by my work not the latest news. In addition to this, political talk should be off limits. Someone could get hurt very quickly without you ever realizing it. It’s not the time or place.

Speak Up | You may think that you don't add value to the conversation but you do!!! Share your ideas and opinions, chances are your boss will remember and ask your insight later. It shows that you are engaged in your work and that you care.