What I Learned from Being a Grad School Dropout

Some time last year, I came up with the brilliant idea of pursing a Master's Degree, not just any Master's but an MBA from a prestigious private school. While this endeavor is one that can be admired by most people, this wasn't the appropriate time or place to start the second leg of my educational career. But with all mistakes comes a lesson to be learned. So here are a few lessons I learned from being the dreaded grad school dropout!

Its Okay Fail | Failure isn't final! Just because you suck at something doesn't mean its over. Failure, teaches us a lesson so that we can continue to move forward or try it again with a little more wisdom in your back pocket. During my undergrad years, I was so fearless. I would think of the craziest things to do and just go after it. But its something that happens at the start of adulthood where we become afraid to risk it all, on the off chance that we fail. I'm here to tell you thats its okay. Manifest the life you want and then work for it even if that means you fall a few times.

Please Research | I can't stress this enough. Don't enroll in the first school that sends you an email. Think long term. Does this degree program lead me to the career I want? Am I ready to take on the responsibility of school right now? If I find it hard, can I take a break or withdraw without penalty? There are so many things that need to be asked and answered prior to "signing on the dotted line". Be sure that you are ready for the commitment. 

Find Your Passion | Depending on your current situation, the pressure may be on to find a graduate program but be sure that the program you choose is something you love not something that will satisfy your right now.