A Year in Review: 2016

As 2016 comes to an abrupt close, I can't help but reflect on the year and all that it had to offer. It makes me think of the Beyonce song "I Was Here". I was here, I showed up every day and fought for the things that I wanted. I had to jump over a few hurdles but in the end, I made it and I hope that the world was left a little bit better because I chose to keep pushing. In honor of the year end, I am recapping some of my biggest achievements in 2016!

Ana Jane Blog | The first and greatest of these achievements would have to be the creation and implementation of Ana Jane: The Blog!!! I've had the idea for a blog for years and it wasn't until I was tasked with going after my wildest dreams at a staff meeting, of all places!!! Fast forward 11 months and here we are with the official launch date just a few days away. I am so thankful for this journey that has taught me how to stand alone and trust God's timing. I created something amazing and now I feel like I can do anything.

Turning 25! | This is a milestone for a few reasons. Most people don't make it to see their 25th birthday and I am thankful for this blessing! I can also recall going through such a deep depression in college that I felt like I couldn't see my own two feet in front of me. But God! He saw fit for me to have and be better. So this 25th year and every one after will be for His glorification and my purpose!!! (P.S. I saw Jill Scott in concert and had my 1st Uber ride!)

Volunteering | I love being active within my community whether its through a service group or a church auxiliary, I find complete joy to coordinating things. This year I became more active with the youth in my church and it has been so rewarding. I also work with a non-profit mentoring program for at-risk girls and this year was huge for us! I learned how to file incorporation paperwork and became a full fledged business! I know that this is just the being for us and 2017 promises bigger and better!

Stepping Out of the Shell | For the most part I am super shy when it comes to speaking in front of large groups. But 2016 was the year of overcoming my fears. I facilitated workshops for my students at work and collaborated with various department leaders. It was a good year for me to break out of my shyness!

Now that you have seen some of my best moments, tell me one of your favorite moments of 2016 and things you are looking forward to in the New Year in the comments below or on Twitter @anajanetheblog!!!