Monthly Goals: January

Its here! Its here! 2017 is finally here! December was a month of hustling to get things completed and relaxing with people that mean the most in my life! Now its time to reflect on the last month of the year and look ahead to the possibilities of the year to come.

December Goals Review

Health | I definitely made some progress in this area but not of major significance. I am proud to say that I have stayed away from fast food fries for the most part and my blood sugar is staying consistent. As I continue into the New Year, I am working on cooking more than eating out.

Financial | I am going to leave it at....I've saved, I've spent, God help me in 2017!

Read | I finished the Best Yes last night and I have to say that it was my favorite read of 2016!!! Lysa has a way of connecting words together that empower and convict in all the right ways, with Scripture. While I didn't have a chance to get to "If You Find This Love Letter", it is definitely on my list for 2017 as well as "I Am Malala..." #girlpower

Ana Jane Launch | Tweaks are completed and we are officially ready to launch as of January 6th. I am so proud of the progress I have made over the last year and I can't wait to see where the next year takes me!

Social Media | Let's just say, I've upped my Instagram game! I have started posting more and people are actually liking and following! I think all of those Instagram webinars are paying off. 

Logo | Ana Jane has a logo and it was done by the amazing @xobritdear who I met on Twitter. If you are in need of a logo and/or website theme, be sure to check her out.

Personal Goals

Finance | Just a heads up, this will probably a goal for every month year. I want to save, save, save and pay off debts owed (including student loans!) #yikes

New Stuff | I want to step outside the box and try different things. First!

Reading | A book per month is the main goal! January is "If You Find This Love Letter" by Hannah Brencher.

Blog Goals

Social Media | I want to continue to challenge myself to grow followers and build engagement on social media. My focus right now is Instagram and Twitter. 

Pictures | Overall, I need head shots and stock photos that really work well with my branding and the content that I am presenting.

Branding | I am working on pulling everything together to create an overall comprehensive brand.

Rather than resolutions, lets focus on our #goals. Think of the things that you have been dreaming about and attach a plan to them. Put that plan into action and you have something great! Tell me in the comments below or on Twitter, what are your #2017goals?