How to Start a Blog When Everyone is Doing It

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Today marks one year since Ana Jane first premiered on the interwebs! I've shared a lot of how tos and personal battles with adulthood and I can promise that I will continue to be raw and real with the content that I provide because let's face it, being an adult is hard and we all need someone on our side. So, this Blogaversary isn't just about me but YOU and the impact this blog is making in the lives of millennials everywhere. Here's to another year of learning and growing and glowing up! Let's start it off by talking about how to create your own blog!

The Basics

  1. Choose a Name (crosscheck to make sure no one has the same name)
  2. Buy a domain name and matching email address
  3. Choose a host website that will hold your blog (i.e Squarespace, Wordpress, Weebly)
  4. Optional: Create a Pinterest board with your brand color scheme and ideas for how you want your site to look (this helps you and the designer understand what you want)
  5. DIY or hire a graphic designer to create your blog site and logo
  6. Create no more than three social media sites to build a social media presence

Authenticity | Be yourself! There is nothing wrong with getting ideas but always make it yours. Your brand should reflect who you are, not someone else.

Support | Support may come from the most unexpected places like strangers on the internet or that person that you never talk to but you are friends on Facebook. No matter where the support comes from, appreciate it! The best advice that I can give is put yourself and your work out there and the right people will support you. Never try to force someone's support, especially when its your family or friends. 

Reasons Why/Niche | Usually every blog has a niche, something that the author is interested in and has a lot of knowledge about. This is the main focus of the blog, you want to gear all of your content toward this "main idea". If you don't have a niche it can be hard for the reader to understand what you are about and if they are interested in the information that you are providing. whatever you decide to write about, make sure it reflects you and not the person next to you  

Learn like a Sponge | There is so much information out there to learn from like Pinterest and Google, there are even some great people on social media that are giving help tips to started your own blog or business. Remember, there is a learning curve and you won't get everything right the first time but that is all a part of the fun. Just enjoy the ride and keep striving for better!

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