How to Prepare for Your First Doctor's Appointment

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Going to the doctor is never a fun to do especially when your mom no longer comes along to do the hard stuff. On our own we have to fill out paperwork, have a valid insurance, speak, AND GET BLOOD DRAWN! I think they are asking just a little too much from us but no worries...I've got you covered. Just out the tips below on how to get through your first doctor's appointment and a few must haves!

Check your Insurance | First off, make sure that you know the type of insurance you have and what you are responsible for paying. This saves you the headache at the doctors later and your wallet too. If you don't have insurance, check out my post on Insurance. 

Medical History | Know your family history as well as your own. This is important because they usually ask you a series of questions at your first appointment and will help determine the best medical treatment for you in the future. Bring any medications that you are currently on as well so they know exactly what you are taking. 

Questions and Concerns | Come with any questions, comments, or concerns for the doctor to the first appointment and to every appointment going forward. You don't want to forget anything important that needs to be addressed by a professional. If you have pre-existing conditions or an unexplained ailment, this would probably be the best time to bring it up. I like to take this time to express my concerns and wants for my medical treatment and where I feel like I fall short on my care. 

Comfort is Important | It is super important that you are comfortable with not only the doctor but the staff and office environment. Check the magazine rack, thats usually a tell tale sign of the normal patients being serviced. 

Now you are ready to go out into the world like a health, doctor visiting adult! Let me know if you have any stories from the doctor that you would like to share and be sure to follow me on Twitter @anajanetheblog!

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