7 Self Care Habits that Won't Break the Bank

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Whether you run your own business or work for a company, dealing with every day life can be quite the challenge. But some how you manage it and do it well. Now you need a break from it all. Take some time to RELAX. RELATE. RELEASE. Even if your bank account seems like it won't permit, here are a few ways you can regroup without going broke.

Mental Health Day | Okay, I don't care what any one says...TAKE A MENTAL HEALTH DAY!!! There are going to be times that you need a break from everything and it's okay to take a day off. It is separate from a vacation so don't feel like to can only take time for vacation. More companies are now seeing the benefits of providing mental health days to their employees that is separate from the allotted vacation time, which is a great step.

Do It Yourself | Taking care of yourself doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. Reading a good book and making something crafty can be enough to set you back on track.

Professional Pamper | It's great to DIY when you are trying to save or just don't have it but there are times when being professionally pampered is a must. My best advice is to find a place that you are comfortable with and that has a reasonable price point. My salon offers $20 pedicures on Tuesday and Wednesday so that is my go to when I need some R and R for the low low.

Friends and Family | Nothing feels better after a long week of work than a night out with friends or a girls day with my sister. Surround yourself with people who are positive and you can be yourself with. They will be the medicine you need on your hardest days.

Do What You Love | This is easier said that done but find a hobby or even a job that you enjoy and that in itself can be a release from the stresses of life.

Prayer/Yoga | Since I've started yoga, it has been a way for me to really connect with God on a deeper level and relax my body. It helps with my anxiety tremendously so if you are feeling defeated try any type of meditation to get you through it.

Professional Help | In all honesty, self care can do great things for our health but if there is something deeper please don't be afraid to seek help. Most insurance plans and employers do offer some type of assistance if you are interested. Please please don't suffer in silence, say something.

Taking care of yourself on a regular basis can mean the difference between a thriving life and a miserable. This month, promise to take yourself out and have a great time and don't forget to take to the ones that love you the most!

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