Monthly Goals: March

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Whoever thought that you could learn so much in a month's time? I surely didn't. But I have to say that February was a great month for learning! I learned that it was more important to take care of myself then to please other people and that when your body says stop then you need to listen. Self-care has been one of the best investments I've made in 2017 and I don't plan on stopping. Be sure to take the time to think of what makes you happy and do that, not what others want you to do.

February Goal Review

Self-Care | The best part of this month has been actively taking care of myself. I am saying yes to myself more and no to the things that drain me of my happiness. I am also saying yes to new and different things which has been super fun! I can't wait to share all of the amazing things I've learned and experienced with all of you. The Month of Me has definitely been a success!

Newsletter | Oh the newsletter! I've been working on this task for quite some time. I think I finally have it together so it can definitely be better. I am looking into moving away from RSS to a full fledged newsletter. Pray my strength...

Schedule | There has been a significant change in my Instagram scheduling. I started out posting twice a week or so to now posting almost every other day and even multiple times a day. There were some weeks where I revert back to minimal posting but it is definitely a work in progress.

Revisions | Thankful there were not many changes that needed to be made so I completed this task fairly quickly and was able to schedule some much needed appointments and events for the blog. 

Personal Goals

Self-Care | Since February has been such a great month of care, I am continuing into March. Definitely keeping up with my solo pamper days. #blessed

Pay Attention | I have let quite a few things fall to the waist side the last few months and I really want to stay on track so I am going to be more organized and try not to forgot so many things. 

Blog Goals

Content | This month's goal is simple. Keep creating great content for my readers and expanding to other outlets to bring forth information.

February has lived its glory and we are now moving on to March and I am sure it will not disappoint. As we move into a new month, ask yourself..."How will my actions today benefit me tomorrow?" Are you planning for the future or living day to day? Make sure that you living the best life now and building a future for yourself.