Road Trip Must-Haves

The open road can seem daunting when you are tackling it alone but there are a few must haves that will make this trip one for the books. Here are some road trip essentials and if you missed the post on planning a road trip, you can click here.

Snacks | Snacks are probably my favorite thing about being on a road trip! It is always good to grab caffeine to keep you alert but also a bottle of water so you aren't dehydrated. Having something salty and sweet is helpful so no matter your craving, it can be satisfied. Be sure to know your best time to snack because you don't want to make extra stops just for the bathroom. I usually start my coffee at my half way point so that I won't have to go until I get to my destination.

Music | Every situation warrants a playlist and a road trip is no different. Make a playlist of your favorite jams before you go so you don't have to figure out the radio stations for each city. Try music that is upbeat that will keep you awake. 

Outfit | Comfort is KEY! Make sure to wear something that you can stand be in for a while. You don't want to have to pull over because you need to change or for any other issues. Know your comfort level, my favorite way to drive is without shoes. 

Front Seat Essentials | If you are on a trip alone, you kind of have to be your own co-pilot. At the start of the trip, be sure to have everything that you will need so you don't have to stop and search the backseat or the trunk every time you need something. Here is a list of a few my favorite front seat essentials:

  • Snacks
  • Phone/Charger/AUX Cord (if necessary)
  • Drink
  • Wallet

Everyone has a different idea of necessary things on their road trip list. Let me know some things that you cant leave home without. Drop a comment below or chat with me on Twitter @anajanetheblog.