Tips to Traveling Smart

Traveling to new and familiar places can be so fun but the process can also be grueling for pretty much all parties involved. From missed flights to baggage overcharges, its not for the weak and easily annoyed. *slowly raises hand* Thankfully, I have a few great tips to enjoy this great leisure without all of the hassle. You can thank me later with a glass of wine.

Optimal Time to Buy | Its rumored that the best time to look for a plane ticket is on the Tuesday, six weeks prior to your flight. However, some airlines have random deals during non-peak times that are super low. A practice is to check frequently. 

Search in Secret | While you are checking, be sure to set your browser to incognito. This setting ensures that no cookies are left behind when browser so that companies can't see your most frequently viewed information. When this information is provided, the airlines can increase prices on the same flights that you are eyes which causes you to pay more. 

Know Your Comfort Level | Be aware of things that you can handle like layovers or landing in a near by city for a cheaper rate. Knowing your levels of comfort can help you make sure you have the best experience possible.

Double Check for Fees and Perks | Airlines are super sneaky about adding additional fees to up your ticket cost. Check for your baggage allowance and the amount that it can weigh so you don't have to pay extra for things you could have left home.

Airline Credit Cards = DISCOUNTS!| If you have good credit and can apply for credit cards then airline cards are a great option. Find one that allows you to make every day purchases which in turn changes to points for flights.

Planning for a ride on a plane isn't all that bad but if cars are more your speed check out the last two post on road trips, here and here. If I missed some tips, drop me a comment below or on Twitter @anajanetheblog!