Planning for an Overseas Trip

The last piece in the Wanderlust series has arrived! What a #journey this has been?!? We've discussed road trips, plane rides, and cruises. Now lets talk about traveling to foreign lands and discovering the endless possibilities. Here are five tips to traveling abroad with ease and of course the very important, safety measures.

Passport Early | Numbro uno is starting the process of applying for a passport. It takes about two months to get all of your documentation back and the actual passport. If your record is clean, then you may get it back a little quicker. The government has an easy to understand checklist on their website, here.

Vaccinations/Medications | While this is not one of the most fun parts of planning to travel overseas, it is a very necessary one. Check the country(ies) youplan on traveling to, usually there is a list of vaccinations and medications needed for that area. Most of the medicines are time sensitive so be sure to have them done in the right amount of time. Lastly, if you aren't sure how the medicine will effect you make sure that you have transportation and no other commitments for the day.

Register Yourself | I believe this to be so important!! Most countries if not all, have an US Embassy that you can contact if you are in trouble and need some help. Prior to your trip, it is good practice to register yourself with embassy so that they are aware that you are in the country and when you will be leaving. If something like a natural disaster or terrorist attack happens, the US Embassy will know to look for you and where to look. You can signup here.

Understand the Currency | Unless you are okay with wasting money be sure to not only know but understand the currency of the country you are visiting. Make sure to have some cash on you because out of country bank fees can be outrageous. Another option can be a pre-paid card but some of them don't work outside the country of purchase so be sure to check the very fine print on the bottom before loading with money.

Carry on Clothes | This may sound crazy but pack one extra outfit and few undies in your carry on just in case your bag is misplaced for a part of your trip. When traveling to Belize, my friends bag was lost and she didn't have clothes for almost a week. She was forced to buy a few outfits and borrow undergarments from us. Thankful, it was seven girls so we have stuff to spare.

I hope that you enjoyed the Wanderlust series as much as I enjoyed writing about it!  I encourage to you set a goal to see this beautiful world. Let me know about all of the adventures that you've had or planning on embarking on this year in the comments below and as always on Twitter @anajanetheblog!