How Do You Know Its Time to Move Out?

In this day in age, more and more "adults" are living at home with their parents after graduating from college. All for various reasons. Whether it be to save money, helping out with bills, or just better than living alone. But there may come a time that you decide to move out and venture out on your own. Here are a few tell-tale signs that its time to leave mom and dad. 

Difference in Opinion/Values | As a kid, you kind of take on the ideas and views that are instilled in you by your parents. But as you become an adult, you begin to have your own opinions and ideas of the world and thats totally okay. But this may cause problems with your parents if your beliefs are far off from theirs.

No Respect of Privacy | For crying out loud, you are an adult! You deserve to be respected, you deserve to be treated as an adult. If your parents don't understand that busting into your room is no longer an option, have a talk with them first. But remember, it is still THEIR house and they make the rules. 

Conflict | Conflict is not always a pleasant experience to endure, especially when its your parents. If you find that you are at odd more than you are at peace, its time to move on to somewhere different.  

Ability to Stand Alone | My biggest fear of moving out of my parents house is not being able to take care of myself and all the responsiblies that come with living on your own. But it is not impossible. If you have a steady income and can handle the bills neccasry to live then take that leap of faith. My advice is to never jump into something that you aren't ready for but if you are then why not!?!

It can be tough to live at home as an adult but in the right circumstance, if can be a comfortable bridge between college and full time adulthood. Let me know if you live at home or on your own, which do you prefer. Be sure to chat with me on Twitter @anajanetheblog and subscribe to the blog below.