Monthly Goals: April


I don't about all of you but this month has dragged on and on for me. However, I can't say that it was always a bad thing. I slowed down a lot and allowed myself to rest and have lazy days but also pushed myself into situations that I normally would have never agreed to. Welcome to Month 4 of 2017!

March Goals Review

Self-Care | There were no shortages of self care this month and I am grateful for making this one of my top priority. I have been so much more in tune with what my body needs and I am able to deliver. I took a mental health day when I was having a rough week and it made all the difference in the world when I returned to work, the following week. Goal Achieved!

Pay Attention | I haven't used my planner as much as I normally do so I am still a little spacey when it comes to remembering commitments and obligations. Definitely going to continue working on this.

Content | I am so thankful that content has poured out of me like a flood. I next three months are already planned out and I am stoked for all of you to read!

Personal Goals

#TryEverything | You've probably seen this hashtag on my Instagram stories. Well I am going to explain more soon but it is something that I am implementing in my every day life.

Blog Goals

Guest Post | I am surrounded by such influential people that are doing really amazing things. In the coming months, I plan on inviting those people to write to all of you (the readers!) about their profession and life lessons that they're learned. Stay tuned!

Newsletter | I have worked on this for the entire first quarter and I am still lost. Hopefully, I will be able to launch this platform for the end of the next quarter.

What are your April goals? Did you complete all of your goals for March? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @anajanetheblog