5 Tips to Landing Your Next Job

Whether you are graduating from college or ready to leave your entry level position in the dust, I have a few resources to help you create a top notch cover letter and resume and finding the jobs that you actually want to apply for. While I am no expert myself, I've been through the process enough times to write a book. But for now, this post will do.

Professional Email | I don't think there is anything worse than having an employer email you at xohotgirl97ox@aol.com, trust me I've seen it happen! Before starting your job search, create a brand new email to use for all applications, with your first and last name (order doesn't matter), that's separate from your normal email. Make sure that you only use this email for your job search so that you don't have to filter through junk mail to find the important emails. Schools emails are a no-no as well because the minute you walk across the stage, you are no longer checking it day to day. 

Resume | Resumes are one of those things where you must stay ready so that you never have to get ready. The best practice is to review at least twice a year. Remove things that are no longer relevant and add new experiences/opportunities. If you need help, there are community organizations that can help as well as the local college or university. They are all equip with a career center that helps you find jobs, work on your resume and cover letter. The best part? You most likely don't have to be a student to use their services.

Cover Letter | This....is....an....important....step. So be sure to not skip over it. Your resume can be used over and over again without too much tweaking but your cover letter should be customized to every job that you apply for. Your resume is a sample of your work while the cover letter explains how those experiences relate to the job at hand.

The Search | The search for the perfect job/career can be a daunting but with a little help you can find tons of local positions that are open and that you qualify for. You can use staple websites like Indeed and LinkedIn (Premium account) as well as community events and fairs. If you attend one of these events, be sure to dress to impress and bring a small stack of your current resume. Bonus: When I graduated undergrad, my sister in law gave me some of the best advise about the job search. Pay attention to the businesses that are around you when you see their building or the logo on someone's bag. Write it down and research them, they may be hiring for a position that you want. If not, then keep them on the back burner in case you ever need it. 

Interviews | Interviews can be the most stressful part of the job hunting process but it doesn't have to be! Practicing with a professional can do wonders for your confidence to help you ace that job interview! You can find sample questions pertaining to the job descriptions to help you practice. 

Do you have any tips to creating a resume that will get you hired? Have you utilized some of the steps above? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @anajanetheblog!