{Guest Post} Fuel Your Passion

Mark Twain wrote "The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why." Today, I have invited Sharmez Rolle of Operation BeYOUtiful Movement, a non-profit girls mentoring program, to talk about finding your passion and purpose in life. At a young age, she knew that she was called to help empower and inspire others and she has done just that.

Most people are happiest when they tap into their passion. Passion gives form to life's intentions. 

Four questions to ponder your passion...

  1. What are you drawn to? 
  2. What do you want to read, watch, listen to, or follow to learn and to grow?  
  3. Who inspires you? What do they do?
  4. What do you want to teach or pass along to others?

You are here for a purpose.  There has never been another person like you. You have something that only you can pass along to others. Take a moment to pause and think about what that might be. What are your strengths, talents, & gifts? So many times we focus on what we lack, what we're not doing well, and where we fall short. 

Fuel Your Passion | Play to your strengths, talents, & gifts. Celebrate your successes - both big and small.  
It has been said that the most certain way to bring value, meaning, & joy to your life is to connect with and bring value, meaning, & joy to the lives of others.  So, the more you give, the more you get back.

Fuel Your Passion | Ask, "How can I help?" instead of, "What can I get?"
Times can be tough.  Obstacles arise.  Challenges persist.  When that happens it's easy to lose sight of your passion and get off track.  You can become disconnected to that true sense of purpose of what you are doing, giving, bringing to others.
The reality is that we don't always have to be passionate about our job - we just need to be passionate about something! During those challenging times at work, tap into another area of your life that you are passionate about and you may find that other areas comes back around.
I used to coach cheerleading, most days I loved what I did. For me, on those days where I wasn't really loving it, I would re-connect to my passion through music. Sometimes I just needed to find some new music to listen to. Sometimes I just needed to dance. Other times I needed to find some live music to look forward to. For me, that changed my outlook and helped me re-connect with myself. And it had nothing to do with my job.

Fuel Your Passion | Pause during the tough times. What can you do to re-connect with your passion and re-gain your perspective?

Here is a mini assignment:

  • Take a few minutes to ponder your passion...answer those four questions either in your head or writing them down
  • Write down three things that you give to others...your strengths, talents, & gifts...
  • Keep this somewhere that you can access during those tough days!

Find yourself with the things you love,

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