3 Steps to an Easy Monday Morning

Everyone can resonate with the statement, "Mondays suck!" But I've found that they actually don't have to if you plan accordingly. Using Sundays nights as a prep day for Monday can leave you feeling accomplished and free before you even walk out the door. Here I've listed three steps to making your Monday morning a breeze!

Clean | Starting the week off with a clean slate can help you to feel less anxious about the days to come. Move everything in your room back into its rightful place and organize your car so that it only has the things you need for the week. You can even go so far to make up your bed, it just feels better getting into a clean bed that makes your sleep that much better. Waking up in a spotless room and jumping into a uncluttered car puts you in the best mood during your drive to work!

Organize | Now that your environment is ready for the week, its time to get yourself ready. Take some time to review any events or commitments that you have for the week. Be sure to add them to your planner or phone for quick access. This would be a great time to put together your to do list as well so you aren't racking your brain at 7 am trying to figure out what to do first.

Prepare | Getting ready in the morning can be a hassle especially when you are half asleep and running late. Use the night before to pack your lunch (try right after dinner if you are packing leftovers) and breakfast so you can run out the door, if needed. Picking out your outfit for the next day isn't a bad idea either because if you are anything like me, you get dressed with the lights off and always have to check the dryer for clean clothes. Lastly, pack your bag. I thought to myself that I didn't need to pack my bag the night before until I left my work ID at home, the one that allows me into the building and required to wear during work hours. So, yes packing your bag saves you that headache and you don't have to think about if you left something important on your dresser.

Mondays aren't always the easiest days for us but getting ready the night before can help the process, a whole lot more! Let me know some of your Sunday night routine in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter!