How to Cultivate Friendships that Last

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Friends are the special people that God places in our lives to get us through this journey of life. Some times that presence in forever and some times only for a season. But I believe that no matter the time you have with them, it should be cultivated with love and gratitude. Though it may not always be easy, loving others and being loved is the very thing that keeps our hearts beating. 

Being Alone is Okay | Lets start with the most important and that's taking a look at ourselves and being confident in who we are as individuals because to be honest, you can be a friend to someone when you aren't happy being yourself. Take some time to be alone and know what it feels like, there may be times when there will be no one else around to distract you.

Show Up | We have this crazy notion that Facebook "shout-outs" equal supporting your friend. When someone is going through something they don't care about being your #WCW, they want a shoulder to lean on and a friend to cheer them on! Being a present friend is invaluable so show up for the people around you. Not only remember birthdays but remember big test days, presentations, events, and ask about them later or better up! 

Busy Schedule | For the last few decades, we have glorified busy like its a badge of honor but we unfortunately aren't busy with the people that actually matter. There are memes going around about not talking to your best friend for months, WHHAATT!!! Every friendship is different but I think time is made for the things that matter the most and if its not important to you then the time nor effort will be made. So be sure that you are making the time for the friends in your life. 

Communication | The final piece to this puzzle is communication. There may be times when you and a friend disagree or feelings get hurt and thats okay but it must be talked about (with your friend not other people!) Honestly, just being upfront about how you feel can be the different between a health friendship and a broken/toxic one. 

Friendships are really about connecting with others and sharing your life with them. Even God says that he made friends to be a help throughout life. Be kind, friends and find joy in the people that have been placed into your life. You never want to take that relationship or person for granted. 

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