How to Leave Your Job in Good Standing

There comes a time when your current position no longer grows or serves you. Whether it be to start your own business, move up in the company, or just to move on to a completely new endeavor. It's important that you leave your job in good standing for many reasons. Though it may not be easy, here are a few pointers on how to leave your current job without burning any professional bridges.

Inform Your Employer | Letting your employer know about your change in position. You never want them to find out from someone else. After you talk with them, send a formal resignation letter that states your last day in office (at least two weeks from that day!) and your thankfulness for the opportunity.

Clean Out Your Office | This seems like a no brainer but I've seen co workers trash them offices prior to leaving the premises. Make sure you take all of your belongings and leave anything that isn't. I would even say, take the extra step to clean up and make sure everything is neat and in place.

Help the Transition Process | While this isn't required, it does leave a good "taste" in your former employers mouth. Leave any information that you acquired during your time there, if you need it in your new position then make copies. Give your incomplete projects to another colleague and fill them in on your status. Just be willing to train the next person if hired prior to you leaving.

Leaving your current position isn't always the easiest task but have faith that you have made the right decision for you. I hope these steps have helped in your transition process. If you have any questions, connect with me on Twitter @anajanetheblog or sign up for the newsletter below.