27 Before 27

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Today begins the first day of my 26th year of life. I've seen such tremendous growth within myself over the last 12 months and I know that I can only grow further from here. With that being said, here are 27 "goals/plans" that I want to accomplish prior to my 27th birthday next year. Some are pretty simple and others are beyond crazy (for me!) and I can't wait to get started. I know that with each new experience comes knowledge that I can share with you here on Ana Jane. I look forward to the next 12 months and I hope you follow along with me. 


  1. Walt Disney World/Land
  2. California
  3. Washington DC
  4. Tennesse
  5. Travel Abroad
  6. Road Trip with a Friend
  7. Winery/Vineyard


  1. Learn to Ride a Bike
  2. Barre Fitness
  3. Trap Yoga
  4. Lose 100 pounds
  5. Hot Yoga


  1. Save three months of expenses 
  2. Finacial Peace University
  3. Purchase brand new car 5/14/18
  4. Pay off credit card/debt


  1. Host a Planner Workshop 01/06/18
  2. Go to an event alone 3/24/18
  3. Wild for Planners Conference (Attendee) 
  4. Black Bloggers United (Speaker) 

Try Everything 

  1. Fish Pedicure
  2. Photoshoot
  3. Vlog/Podcast/FB Group
  4. Tattoo 4/16/18
  5. Master's Program 5/12/18
  6. Freelance Writing
  7. Learn Basic Coding
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