25 Lessons Learned at 25

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My 25th year was nothing short of amazing! I launched Ana Jane the Blog and made a major career change. Along the way, I learned a few things about this thing we call life and in Ana Jane fashion I am going to share each and every one of them with you. 

  1. Pour Into Others | People are wonderful beings that need to be loved and encouraged. Be sure that you are loving those people around you that are continuously there for you. But always remember that you can't pour from an empty bucket so make sure that you surround yourself with people that pour into you.
  2. God Loves. Period. | For years I've had this idea about God in my head. He only loves you and takes care of you when you are good and perfect. NOT TRUE!! He loves us all and when I came to this realization it made it easier to love myself and accept my flaws. Through it all, He will be there and you just have to trust the process.
  3. Know Your Worth | I know I've said this before but it's so important! You don't have to take whatever someone hands you, you deserve better. It doesn't matter if its a job or friendship or relationship. If it no longer serves you...walk away.   
  4. Be Present | I've always been that person that was stuck in my head. I am a dreamer, thinker, and especially analytical but being mentally available opens up the door for so much more possibility. Hannah Brencher had this quote on her morning email that said "Be Where Your Feet Are" and as crazy as it sounds it grounded me and made me aware of my current reality.
  5. Brunch is BOSS | This year has been filled with morning brunches with some of the best people and food and I honestly can't get enough. I've learned that you have to make time for the simple things and the best way to do that is with friends over morning coffee. 
  6. Self-Care | For as long as I can remember, I have always been a workaholic and its only recently that I've allowed myself to slow down and rest when I've needed it the most. It can be as simple as an at-home spa day or as big as a weekend getaway. All that matters is that you get the rest you need. 
  7. Success | My success doesn't look like the success of others. My path and purpose was set for me only. I found myself chasing a life that someone else was living and realized that it wasn't right for me and needed to find the right dream for me. Its okay to admire others but don't try to live exactly like them, you will miss the grand life God intended for you.
  8. Know Yourself | Knowing who you are as a person, lover, and friend is important. For me, I had to step away from everything in order to do self reflection. I took the time to search myself spiritually and making corrections where necessary. It will always be an ongoing process because you don't stay in the same place so make room to get to know you continually. 
  9. Responsibility | This year, I have taken on a lot more responsibility over my life especially my finances. It has become so important to me to have an emergency fund/savings account and it has proven necessary already in these few short months. While it is one of the scariest things, taking responsibly for me was freeing because I didn't need to ask any for permission to do something in regard to my life.
  10. New is Fun | I have found myself in some of the craziest situations this year and I have to say that it was some the best experiences that I will remember forever! I urge you to do something that you've never done before and you won't be disappointed and I promise I will keep doing crazy new things with you too. 
  11. Go for It | Just like it says...go for it! In everything that you do and for everything that you want. Work hard and just kill it until they have no choice but to hand it over.
  12. Trust Yourself | Listen to your mental, physical, and emotional health. Your body will let you know when something is right or wrong. Just trust your gut, like Olivia Pope (in season 1-4, her judgement was kind of bad after that!)
  13. Career Changes | When the year started, I was ready to leave my job but I was so afraid for so many reasons. I finally made the leap and it turned out to be the best decision I could have made. So if you are in limbo, go with your gut and do what makes you happy and it will never be the wrong decision.
  14. Pray. Meditate. Worry | A deacon at my church once told me, "praying, meditating, and worrying are the same thing. The only difference between them is how you choose to focus on the situation. So instead of meditating in worry, meditate in prayer and I'm sure your situation will make a drastic change.
  15. Ask Questions, Dig Deeper | There is so much to learn and explore in this life so ask the hard questions and dig deeper than you ever have before and you will find some amazing truths!
  16. Actions v. Reaction | This is a big one! I can get really passionate about things and thats when my mouth really doesn't have a filter. But I've learned that not everything that someone says or does need a reaction from me. Some times silence is the loud response. So just take a step back and think if something needs to be added to a comment.
  17. Enjoy the Mystery | I am a planner and I like to know everything that is going to happen, before it happens. But I've learned to enjoy the mysteries of life and the ones created by Lifetime. I'm still not too keen on surprises but I am in love with Aurora Teagarden movies....come on its DJ Tanner, you have to give it a shot. I even drive to new places without my GPS sometimes #somysterious
  18. Cultivate Friendships | One thing that I have never regretting was getting to know the people around me. I think its so important to make those connections no matter where you are. College brought the social butterfly out of me and it is just beneficial to have that comrodery. 
  19. Give Back | With all that is going on in the world, we simply can't live a full life without giving a helping hand. One of my favorite ways is working with my church youth department. We have bake sales, carnivals, and movie nights! Spending time with the people of the church and glorying God is overwhelmingly exciting.
  20. Talk | I didn't talk to people outside of my family members until I was about six years old so its hard to believe I would advocate talking. But truth be told, its awesome! Talk about everything with everyone! Share your knowledge, share your story with the world and talk about things that set your soul on fire!!! Hands down one of the best feelings in the world!
  21. Confidence | Lack of confidence kept me from a job that I had worked years for, that I was overly qualified for! Confidence got me noticed by Directors for a job that I didn't qualify for. Lets just say confidence matters in the world of employment and beyond.
  22. Don't Be Afraid to Lose | Allow yourself to lose those friendships that mean you no good or that opportunity that you don't feel right about. It is totally fine to lose those things because you gain so much more.
  23. Embrace Life | Point. Blank. Period. We only get one so make the most of it!
  24. Be Active | Take notice of the events that are happening around you, especially the injustices of ALL people. The best way to participate is to research and learn then take action. We live in a time where our voices need to be heard more than ever!
  25. Fail | I save this for the very last lesson because its one that I relearn every year in a new and different way. I want you to know more than anything else that even when life doesn't go as planned and you fall on your face, just keep going and pushing through.

While I will admit, this was one of the hardest blog post to write. I take pride and providing my readers with valuable information but putting a spotlight on what I've learned was more than I anticipated. I am so thankful for these lessons that I've learned and I can only hope that you walk away from this blog with a little more knowledge than you came with. 

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