The Natural Transition

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In the last two to three years, the natural movement has taken over the mainstream (well, everything!) and I don't think its changing any time soon. From the harsh chemicals that we've used in our hair for centuries plus the over prices appointments to the salon has us relaxed girls running to find a better alternative. Here to discuss all things natural hair is my very own sister, who has been a part of the movement long before it was ever a movement.

What Made You Go Natural?

I went natural because after two perms, my hair was no longer effected by the treatment so I decided to do something different.  I am also a perponnate of doing what you want and I have done everything else with my hair like cutting and dyeing. I almost wish that I could give some big, woke reason as to why I went natural but that just isn't my story.

How Do You Start the Natural Process?

The way you start really depends on you and what you are comfortable with and how you feel about it. It begins one of two ways:

1. You grew your hair out to an acceptable length (your choice) and then cut the remaining perm out of your hair.

2. Do the BIG CHOP and cut all of the perm out of your hair and rock the TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro)

The next step is about finding the best products that work for your hair and gives you the desired look that you want. 

What Products Do You Use in Your Hair?

Currently, I am using the entire Cantu natural line but I am in search of a product that gives a little more moisture to my hair. I never limit myself to one type of product but I go with whatever works best with my hair until it doesn't.

How do you maintain your hair on a daily and weekly basis?

My daily routine consist of:

  1. Saturate dry hair with curling lotion to enhance natural coil pattern
  2. Shake hair dry
  3. Optional: Add headband

My weekly routine is a little more hand on as this is the time that I cleanse and condition my hair:

  1.  Wash/Shampoo Hair
  2. Deep Condition - It is important to deep condition your hair especially if you have color treated hair. Use a plastic shower cap and heating cap for about 30-45 minutes.  

What is some advice you would give to a girl thinking of going natural?

  1. Do It! It's fun! You can see the beauty of your hair and what it can do. There is a quote that I love that talks about natural hair "You knew she would be great because even her hair defys gravity!"  
  2. The best thing about being natural is the versatility, you can add hair or a wig and be a different person every day of the week. 
  3. Love your hair in every stage! Don't be discouraged when you see other girls with large coils or with a big fro. Love where your hair is, no matter how it looks.  

How Do You Feel About Your Natural Hair as It Relates to Your Relationships?

When I first went natural, I wasn't in a relationship so every relationship after has only known me with natural hair.  But I've never had a problem, men seem to love natural hair and some times prefer it over relaxed hair. I think that if you are confident and love your hair, there is nothing anyone can say or do to change that. 

Natural Girl Myths

  1. Cheaper | Some think that going natural is cheaper than having relaxed hair but truth be told, the natural girl spends a lot more on her products than someone that visits the salon every few weeks. For example, a box of relaxer is $6 while curling cream is $8 and that only the beginning of products needed to maintain your hair. 
  2. Growing Hair | The fact that people think that girls go natural because they cant grow their hair is unbelieveable. FYI They can....the SHRINKAGE is REAL!
  3. NATURAL = WOKE | It is assumed that if you are natural then you are PRO-Black or WOKE but some of us just like the way it looks. Not trying to bring back the culture just doing me.
  4. Hair Dye | I've heard people say that you aren't natural if you dye your hair but I don't believe that to be the case. 

Transitioning to the natural life isn't always the easiest but its a journey that can be admired because of the beauty of our culture as black people and the strength that comes with it. I can only hope that after reading this blog post you can appreciate the journey, if you are thinking of starting it, and it helps you get started.