How to Heal When Your City is Struck by Tragedy

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On Valentine's Day, 17 children and educators lost their lives to a maniac that had legal access to military style guns. I couldn't believe that something so terrible could happen so close to home. It was my best friends dad. It was my teacher's daughter. I knew the people in the building. I once walked the halls where people's bodies now lay. I pass an empty building every morning with a full parking lot. No one ever talks about what happens after a tragedy, once the news camera turn off and the reporters go home. The city that holds the memories of my childhood has been struck by a horrific event and its not so easy to get over. Thankful there are a few things that we can do to help our neighbors when we can't stop all the hurt. 

Donate Blood | After a crisis like this one, there is a high demand for blood. The blood banks usually run low because they aren't stocked to care for so many people at one time, O- is normally the most needed. Giving blood can help the victims and allows you to feel like a help when everyone is feeling hopeless. 

Community Events | Events in the community are a great way to connect with people and old friends that are grieving with you. If there aren't any, then make your own. Churches, concert venues, businesses are opening their arms to the survivors and the victims families in a big way and that is something everyone can be a part of. 

Grief Counseling | The great thing about grief counselors is that you don't have to be directly affected by the events that have happened but maybe it triggered something from your past that you were never able to work out. I lost my brother January of 2009 and a classmate a couple of months later, even though the counselors were there for everyone, I felt that I didn't have a right to be seen. I want everyone to know that you do and you can if you need it. 

This is the start to a long healing process but I have hope seeing the students of Majory Stoneman Douglas on television fighting for their right to protection and challenging lawmakers to make the necessary changes. These students are lying down and neither should we, we need to be behind them 100%.

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