What Does Credit Score Got to Do With It?

Now that our taxes are done (Click here, if you missed the last post.). We have yet another elephant in the room. CREDIT SCORE! Credit can be something tricky and confusing but the best way to fight it is knowing the secret tricks of the trade. I've been dealing with improving my credit for the last year and I am sharing all the secrets that I've learned. 

Know Your Score | I can not stress this enough! It is better to know your score and do something about it then to ignore it! There are tons of free sites that will give your credit score once a month (no strings attached). Side Note: If you want a full report of each "item" on your credit report then you can pull it once a year directly from the credit bureaus. 

How You Pay | The way you pay your debt matters. Start by paying off the small things first, that way you can get good marks every time something is settled and it helps with your motivation to continue! Another option is to despite fraudulent claims (never pay for something you didn't do!) or negotiate with the company for a lower rate.

Secret Rules and Penalties | Did you know that using more than 10% of your credit card balance leaves a negative mark on your credit? Even missing just one payment will have the credit bureaus looking at you side ways! Check the policies of the credit cards and loans that you are applying for so that you aren't paying big for something you could have avoided. 

Learning about your credit score and what that really means is challenging. With that being said, this will be a working post that I will update as more information becomes available to me. Please feel free to drop a comment below with some nuggets of wisdom about credit score or questions that you may have. I will gladly find the answer for you and respond! Have a Great Day, Everyone! As always you can find me on Twitter @anajanetheblog!!!

Please Note: I am not a financial professional nor am I acting as one. The information provided in this blog post is based on experience and knowledge acquired from knowledgable persons. For more information on the topic, please speak with a professional. Damage done while using the above stated advise is no fault of Ana Jane the Blog.